Memoria Fugit

A book about Geeks by Kathy Calmejane


Welcome to New Gotham!

Frodo Kent will be coming of age in a couple of days. He's looking forward to it because being a teenager sucks. All he wants is to go outside and get some exercise. But his parents keep insisting that he should stay in his room and play video games or read comic books.

Nobody understands. It's just not fair.

What's worse is the doors don't even slam properly, they just slide gracefully shut with barely a whoosh.

Stupid doors.

The shiny metal city of New Gotham is ruled by Geeks. His parents are Geeks, his best friend is a Geek. And Frodo is a natural-born jock.

Then Frodo meets a girl and has an adventure. An adventure that will lead them both to question everything they thought they knew about the city they live in.

A hermetically sealed city their ancestors woke up in 164 years ago, with no memories at all.

Everything they know about anything comes from a huge personal collection of books, movies, music, games and more, assembled by the billionaire Zachary Tyrone. As far as they know, Tyrone built the city to protect himself and a chosen few from an undefined cataclysmic event. Thing is, nobody has ever seen him...



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